Investing Today, Value for Tomorrow

We continue managing our capital plan by paying attention to the condition of our system, construction resources, credit metrics and customer bill impacts.

In 2018, we invested $394 million of capital, of which 70 percent was for system integrity and reliability improvements, including infrastructure replacement. Investment in our system not only produces a more reliable pipeline network, it also reduces our environmental impact. Methane leakage rates from pipelines made of vintage materials account for the greatest leakage rates from natural gas distribution systems. By concentrating on replacing these assets with newer materials, we are committing to the safety, reliability and long-term sustainability of our systems in addition to reducing our carbon footprint.

As a founding member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Methane Challenge Program, we’ve committed to annually replacing a minimum of 2 percent of our vintage materials - a target we’ve exceeded each year since we began the program. In 2018, we replaced 430 miles of distribution mains, service lines and transmission lines. This included replacing 21 miles of cast iron pipeline.

Over the next five years, we expect to replace approximately 1,900 miles of pipelines, which includes approximately 1,150 miles of vintage pipeline materials. The remaining 4 miles of cast iron pipe will be replaced in 2019.

Replacing smaller lines with larger ones and adding new lines also allows us to expand into new areas. This ongoing investment grew our customers by 13,000 in 2018.